2018 Climbing for Lost Linemen and NSUJL Lineworkers Rodeo

 On June 22, 2018 in Clearfield, PA electric lanterns were hung for lost brothers and sisters in the lineworker trade at the 7th Annual Climbing for Lost Lineman benefit. During the event, NSUJL raised money for the families of fallen or injured IBEW journeymen, utility and apprentice linemen; groundmen; operators; LCTT and/or their spouses and minor children through sponsorship support and entry fees . On Friday, We honored those who have fallen or have been injured on the job from June 2017 to June 2018. Each fallen lineman’s name was printed on lanterns and fellow line brothers signed up to climb a pole in recognition of the individuals. The feeling of support and solidarity throughout the fairgrounds is breathtaking. It is an opportunity for families of the fallen to come together as a community and support one another. NSUJL will continue to honor the fallen in the line community for years to come. June 23, 2018 marked the 6th Annual NSUJL Lineworkers Rodeo in Clearfield, PA! 19 journeymen linemen teams and 54 apprentices donated entry fees to participate in the rodeo. The competitors participated in a speed climb and hurtman rescue along with two mystery events. Competitors traveled to the Clearfield fairgrounds from all over the country including California, Texas, Florida and even Canada. All competitors received a long-sleeve T-Shirt and a free mini bucket from Lineman’s Supply. Although the weather was projected to be a downpour, as the day went on the sun shinned bright over the fairgrounds which helped draw a large crowd! Sponsors at the event included IBEW Local 876, IBEW Local 42 and IBEW Local 126 and Bashlin Industries, Linemen’s Supply, IBEW Local 1249,  IBEW Local 71, Hoggs & Davis, IBEW Local 66, Buckingham Manufacturing,  IBEW Local 369, IBEW Local 196, IBEW Local 47, MJ Electric, IBEW Local 1319, IBEW Local 104, Utilities Employee Credit Union, IBEW Local 222, IBEW Local 97, IBEW Local 459, IBEW Local 351, IBEW Local 111, IBEW Local 125, Tyndale Company, Inc., IBEW Local 29, IBEW Local 611, Milwaukee Tool North America, Utilities Employee Credit Union IBEW Local Union 222 brought their famous BBQ trailer again this year. Proceeds from the rodeo, will help NSUJL continue our mission to help families of linemen who have been injured or killed on the job. Thank you to all of the sponsors and participants at the 2018 NSUJL Lineworkers Rodeo!